Jan 4, 2022

Say Goodbye to Paying in Cash!

NOTE: This article is not one of the usual articles in this newsletter. It doesn’t discuss genealogy, history, DNA, or legal events. However, it is about a topic that I believe we all will see within the next few years.

I paid 3 personal bills this morning. I didn’t use cash or any checks. Instead, I paid with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer or e-payments). In fact, I haven’t written a check in six months or more. Like many other people, I pay my bills online.

How do you pay for your online purchases?

Although most people still use cash or cash on delivery, the increasing popularity of online shopping made e-payments more acceptable.

If you’re still using cash when shopping online, it’s time to consider joining the cashless society. Here are five reasons to go cashless today:

It’s more convenient – you don’t need to leave home to pay bills or to go shopping.

It makes budgeting easier – when you’re paying online, you can account for how much you’ve spent down to the last penny.

It limits your exposure to COVID-19 – not spending time near other people means you won’t become infected by them.

It saves your cash for when you need it – by going cashless whenever possible, you’ll have more cash on hand when it’s necessary.

There’s no need to always have cash available – if all your purchases are paid online, you don’t have to withdraw so much cash all the time. With less money lying around, you’re also unlikely to misplace it.

So the next time you go shopping, go cashless! Perhaps even better, do your shopping online.