Sep 15, 2021

Secrets of Civil War Pensions

This series will explore the many mysteries of the U.S. Civil War pension file, including how to find and interpret the many types of online pension indexes, some details of which are rarely documented elsewhere. Those indexes alone may contain hidden clues and a remarkable amount of detail about the veteran’s life, family, and military service.

This series is intended to provide the researcher with a single reference point for the many confusing issues related to Civil War pensions and their indexes.

We hope that you will bookmark this series and refer to it frequently.

The series will then explain how and where you can get your hands on the full contents of those pension files, some of which are also online.

In Part 1, we will describe the typical contents of pension files and explain why they are among the very best sources of biographical and genealogical information for those who are researching their Civil War ancestors.

All this an a lot more may be found at, according to Bob Velke (some of you may remember that name).