Sep 9, 2015

Seven Unique Technologies to Discover Your Family History!

(Dick Eastman’s Daily Newsletter · September 8, 2015)

As mentioned in the MyHeritage Blog, “MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet recently presented a keynote address to hundreds of attendees of the IAJGS 2015 conference in Israel. He discussed Seven Unique Technologies for Discovering Your Family History.

“His talk is a great introduction to understanding MyHeritage technologies, Smart Matches, Record Matches, Newspaper Matches and Instant Discoveries. Gilad described new technologies that MyHeritage has recently released, such as Global Name Translation, as well as new technologies that we are about to release.”

You can view the full talk on YouTube at Seven Unique Technologies or watch the video in the video player below. It is 49 minutes long.