Sep 22, 2021

(+) Share Family Heirlooms with your Relatives and Others

The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman.

Great-grandma’s silverware has been handed down through the family ever since her death. There is but one problem: great-grandma now has more than 100 descendants. Not every descendant can have the silverware in his or her possession. Assuming a service for eight, only eight descendants can have one piece each and even that means breaking up the set. Until recently…

Within recent years, genealogists have developed many new tools for sharing information with family members. Within the past few years, technology has allowed all of us to scan and digitize old family photographs. We can now share those photos with others online, in email, on thumb drives, or on CD-ROM disks. In fact, we can even place them in digital picture frames for those relatives who do not own computers or smartphones. 

All of this is great for information and photographs, but what about physical items? How can we share things made of metal or bone of ceramic? Can we duplicate silverware? How about a shaving mug? Or a medal awarded during the Civil War?

The answer is, “Yes, we can do that today but…”

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