Jun 29, 2023

SLIG Announces Scholarship Recipients for the 2023-2024 Program Year

The following announcement was written by the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG):

UGA Jimmy B. Parker Scholarship: Pamela Israel

The UGA Jimmy B. Parker Scholarship is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to genealogical excellence and community involvement. It provides a guaranteed seat and full tuition to one course of choice at either SLIG 2024 or SLIG Spring Virtual 2024.

Pamela Israel

Pamela Israel founded Unlock Your History which focuses on both unlocking tough genealogical puzzles and translating 16th-20th century German and Germanic language records and letters. She is the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (WPGS) president for 2023-2024 and the WPGS Archives Chair. 

Pamela has completed both ProGen and GenProof, and she has earned the Genealogical Certificate from Boston University. She is a member of several other organizations including the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists which she also supports as the Advertising Sales Manager.

Laura G. Prescott Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Scholarship: Rebecca Dobbs

The Laura G. Prescott Scholarship is awarded to an individual who exhibits a passion for genealogy, appreciates the importance of education and standards in the field, and serves the community through volunteerism. It provides a guaranteed seat and full tuition to one course of choice at SLIG Fall Virtual 2023, SLIG 2024, or SLIG Spring Virtual 2024.

Rebecca Dobbs

Rebecca is an aspiring genealogist with a specialty in [U.S.] Jewish research and Genetic Genealogy. She became interested in genealogy at the early age of 16 and since then, she has extensively researched her own family history in addition to assisting others with theirs.

During the Summer of 2018, Rebecca interned with AncestryProGenealogists where she conducted research for the Eastern European/European Jewish team. Since then, she has taken courses through the National Genealogical Society, SLIG institute courses, attended various conferences, and webinars. Rebecca is a graduate of GenProof #61 and has recently earned her certificate for the American Genealogical Studies Program through the NGS. She has also volunteered for B’nai Israel Congregation (Baltimore, MD) conducting lineage research on the early members of the congregation. She is an active member of her local genealogy society and assists with finding speakers for the monthly meetings. Rebecca is currently taking classes through the International Institute of Genealogical Studies, gives presentations within her community, and has a future goal of obtaining a Certified Genealogist credential.

SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Attendees: Jeanette Weiden

The SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Attendees is awarded to an individual who has never attended a national genealogical institute prior to SLIG 2024, has sought to improve their genealogical education through formal or informal means, has an intermediate or above level of research knowledge and skills, and is ready for an in-depth learning experience. It provides a guaranteed seat and full tuition to one course of choice at SLIG 2024.

Jeanette Weiden

Jeanette Weiden, genealogy specialist, has worked at Loutit District Library in Grand Haven, Michigan for 18 years. At the library, she is responsible for collection development, reference services, collection care, digitization projects, local history and genealogy programming, and coordinating volunteer projects. 

In addition to her contributions to the Loutit District Library, Jeanette serves as the vice president of the Tri-Cities Historical Museum board. Her involvement with the museum includes her participation on their collections committee.

Jeanette’s passion for genealogy and local history is evident in her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. She obtained a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University in Spring 2021 and completed ProGen 58 in December 2022. Jeanette is working toward her goal of becoming a board-certified genealogist. She is excited to attend SLIG for the first time.  

MyHeritage Chris Darrington Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Scholarship: Lillian Wingate

The MyHeritage Chris Darrington Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Scholarship is awarded to an individual who is at an intermediate level or above and who has a genuine passion for family history, a strong desire to improve their research skills through quality education, and an enthusiasm for serving the genealogical community. It provides a guaranteed seat and full tuition to one course of choice at SLIG 2024.

Lillian Wingate

Lillian Wingate is the Regional Genealogy & Local History Coordinator for the Statesboro Regional Public Libraries. She graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2014 with a BA in History and Anthropology, and decided to stay in Statesboro. She has been doing family research in Georgia since 2015.

Recent projects include working with GSU on a Digital Walking Tour of Downtown Statesboro, working on digitization projects with GSU interns and the local probate courts, and hosting the first annual Genealogy Resource Fair for the state of Georgia. Lillian loves teaching introductory genealogy classes and assisting patrons at the library who come from across the nation for research. She hopes that by furthering her education she will be able to assist patrons better and provide information on more resources. 

SLIG Intermediate Foundations Scholarship: Wendy Winstead

The SLIG Intermediate Foundations Scholarship is awarded to an individual who has a strong working knowledge of basic genealogy principles, has had several years of experience applying those principles using a variety of record sources to identify ancestors and confirm relationships, has utilized a variety of formal and informal educational opportunities to obtain and strengthen knowledge, and is ready for an in-depth, curriculum-based learning experience. It provides a guaranteed seat and full tuition to the Intermediate Foundations course offered at SLIG Fall Virtual 2023.

Wendy Windstead

Wendy Winstead was born and raised in eastern North Carolina, surrounded by the remnants of the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Listening to the stories told by her maternal grandmother of ancestors and the rich history surrounding the area sparked her love for genealogy at a young age.

Wendy is currently attending East Carolina University, working towards her Master’s in Business Administration. She does hope to become a Certified Genealogist one day and to continue sharing her love for genealogy with all who want to listen.