Jul 19, 2021

South Carolina Family Reunites Bible With Owner’s Family After Finding It in Junk Yard

A South Carolina family reunited a Bible they found in a junk yard with the family it belongs to in Virginia.

Two years ago, Gena Greer, of Simpsonville, South Carolina, says her son found an old Bible while searching for car parts with his dad at a junk yard.

“My son said, ‘Hey Dad, look what I found,’” Gena’s husband, Tyler Greer, said. “And it was a Bible. I didn’t know what he had found. I thought he was looking for the part we had gotten.”

Greer says his son found the Bible laying on the floor of a van in the junk yard.

“Things just don’t happen just by chance,” Tyler Greer said. “There’s definitely a reason.”

He says he and his son went to pay for some car parts along with the Bible that day.

“And the guy went, ‘That’s between you and God. I’m not going to charge you for a Bible. If you found it, it’s meant to be, so I’m not going to charge you for a Bible,’” Tyler Greer said.

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