Jan 1, 2022

Start the New Year With AGRA’s January Family History Podcast – Researching Liverpool Ancestors

The following is a press release issued by the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA):

Take some time out from the seasonal festivities and the 1921 Census build up to listen to AGRA’s latest monthly podcast, all about researching Liverpool ancestors. Available from the 1 January 2022, three of AGRA’s professional genealogists – Sharon Grant, Rachel Rick and Grace Tabern – will talk you through some of the records, resources and strategies for researching your family history in this historically and culturally unique city.

With its rich history so intertwined with the lives of those who lived there, or passed through its port, the location lends itself to a fascinating, multi-stranded ancestral research journey. Liverpool became a colourful melting pot of immigrants from Ireland and North Wales, as well as having strong connections with the slave trade, and developing into a centre for migration. Its growth from a fishing village to a major shipping and trading hub, with the attendant population increase, industrial growth, varied occupations, and demographic span from extreme poverty to incredible wealth, all provides a rich canvas for family history research.

In a discussion moderated by AGRA genealogist Nick Serpell, our three experts with years of experience of research in this city, will guide you through all the intricacies.

Nick Serpell said: “Liverpool is rich in terms of the potential for family historians. A trading port into which tens of thousands of people came, mainly from North Wales and Ireland. Some moved elsewhere in the UK, many more went abroad to the United States and other destinations. Some stayed to take advantage of Liverpool’s increasing wealth as a trading port. There is something for everyone here.”

AGRA’s podcasts are released on a monthly basis. Each edition tackles a different aspect of family history, and links to a section on the AGRA website with details of helpful resources and search tools.

The podcasts are available on the AGRA website as well as on a range of podcast hosts, such as Apple.

In addition to this latest podcast, topics already covered by AGRA’s professional genealogy experts, and available to listen to are:

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The final podcast in this latest series, to be released in early 2022, is:

February: Poor Law, Settlement Records, Workhouses & Asylums. Before the Welfare State the Poor Law was the only source of relief for the poor and destitute. Our experts examine how it worked and what records it produced.