Jul 15, 2022

State Historical Society of Missouri Releases Free Online Genealogy Series

The State Historical Society of Missouri has released a series of 12 workshop videos aimed at teaching basic genealogy techniques. Hosted by Bill Eddleman, a professional genealogist and associate director of the SHSMO Cape Girardeau Research Center, each episode explores a different resource used to locate ancestor information and trace family history.

Earlier this year, the U.S. National Archives released the latest census records allowed by law–those from 1950. Census records are an important tool in family history research, and Eddleman discusses the census, its history and its use in genealogy.

“The census is really the workhorse for many genealogists,” Eddleman said in part three of the series. “We learn a lot from the census, and it’s generally pretty accessible.”

Basic Genealogy is free and available online. The series explains how to use land, court, probate, and vital records to find and follow the chronicles of an ancestor’s life.

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