Jun 10, 2021

Stockton, California Police, Genealogy Expert Hope They Can Return Found Keepsakes To Family

Police officers are trying to find the rightful owner or family of a stash of World War II-era photos and letters discovered in Stockton this week.

On Tuesday, officers found more than 150 photographs and letters, a Stockton Police Department spokesperson said. “These are photos but, there also precious moments captured in time,” said Officer Rosie Calderon, a Stockton Police Department Community Service Officer.

The items were found by a Community Service Officer after a call for service on St. Andrews Drive on Tuesday.

“What we know is that a male subject abandoned a bag — probably didn’t see any value in it,” Calderon said. The find included a three-page love letter addressed to Mary Ellen Driscoll.

Officers say it appeared the woman also used the names of Williams, Metcalf, Bohannon, Henderson, and Andrews.

Police are now looking for the family of the woman, whose photos were posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

Here is hoping that a genealogist can assist. You can read the full story in an article by Ryan Hill published in the local television station’s web site at:

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