Dec 2, 2022

(+) Store Your Files Online at No or Low Cost

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I travel a lot and occasionally find myself in need of a file that I left “back home.” I need a way of quickly and easily obtaining any files that I need, but there are times when remote access is not an option since it requires my computer to stay powered on and have constant Internet access. If you do not want to leave your computer powered on all the time, uploading your files to a server on the web is the best solution. 

There is a second advantage as well: uploading the files to an online server is also a great method of making backups of your important files. I’ve long preached the utter importance of backing up your critical genealogy files. If your primary computer ever fails, an online storage service lets you easily retrieve any of the files you earlier uploaded to the service.

You can find a number of web services that let you upload files. A few of them even provide some amount of file space free of charge.

With any online file storage service, you need to make sure that security is sufficient to meet your needs. In most cases, that means the file needs to be encrypted, either automatically or manually by you, before it leaves your computer and is transferred to the online file storage system. Encrypted files cannot be decoded by anyone without the encryption key, not even by the employees of the file storage service.

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