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The goal of the DNA Study Group is to learn about your ancestors using many available resources. Study Group Facilitator Glenn York, is one of our DNA instructors and lecturers for our society and others.

DNA Coordinator: Glenn York) email:

President Glenn York


New members can apply for membership at: LCGS Membership. Dues are only $20/yr for a single person. It is encouraged that you become a member of the society and to also participate in the GSG; but you are welcome to attend a few meetings prior to making a decision to join. Normal attendance is about thirty members.

Membership includes a subscription to the LCGS monthly newsletter and to participate in their monthly meetings. Details about LCGS monthly meetings and other events can be found on the LCGS Website.

Larimer County Genealogical Society P. O. Box 270737 Fort Collins, Colorado 80527-0737


The DNA Study Group normally meets monthly on the last Monday at 6 pm MT. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings are being held via Zoom video conferencing. You need to submit your email address to the DNA Coordinator to be included in Zoom invitations.

Meetings normally include a presentation and about 30 to 60 minutes of discussion regarding recent member successes, upcoming events of interest and assistance requests. Presentations usually focus on tips for conducting DNA research, including DNA web sites, and other research sources.


The DNA Study Group will be doing a book study in 2021 using: Genetic Genealogy in Practice, by Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne.

“Genetic Genealogy in Practice, the first workbook on genetic genealogy, the book provides family historians and genealogists who have just begun to explore genetic genealogy practical, easy to understand information that they can apply to their research. Readers learn the basic concepts of genetic genealogy. They then build on that knowledge as they study the testing, analysis, and application of Y-DNA, X-DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and autosomal DNA (atDNA) to reach and support genealogical conclusions. Each chapter includes exercises with answer keys for hands-on practice. 2016 208 pp. Paperback National Genealogical Society”

This book is available directly from the NGS. The NGS member price is $24.76 plus tax and shipping. The book is also available from Amazon for $36.00 plus $3.99 shipping or $9.99 on Kindle. Note: Please read the reviews on Amazon before ordering the Kindle version.

Everyone needs to have access to the book so they can study the chapter and work through the exercises before to prepare for each study group meeting. The study group will review the key material from the scheduled chapter and discuss the exercises each meeting.

This book includes nine chapters and we will cover one chapter each month. Each member should read the chapter and work through the Exercises before the meeting. Members will take turns leading the discussion at the monthly meetings.

2021 Group Classes

The 2021 DNA Study Group meeting schedule will be:



Session Leader
January 25 Chapter 1 Basic Genetics (& study group overview) Glenn York
February 22 Chapter 2 Genetic Genealogy, Standards, and Ethics Glenn York
March 29 Chapter 3 Genealogical Applications for Y-DNA Paul Baltzer
April 26 Chapter 4 Genealogical Applications for mtDNA Bob Larson
May 24 Chapter 5 Genealogical Applications for atDNA Tammie Gregori
June 28 Chapter 6 Genealogical Applications for X-DNA Jean Poland
July 26 Chapter 7 Incorporating DNA Testing in a Family Study Sherrie Farnell
August 30 Chapter 8 Incorporating DNA Evidence in a Written Conclusion Bob Larson
September 27 Chapter 9 Conclusion Glenna Brissey
October 25 TBD Open
November 29 TBD Open
December No Meeting due to Holidays

* May meeting will be a week early due to Memorial Day holiday

We need several volunteers to facilitate the other sessions. Please contact Glenn at to volunteer to lead a session.


DNA Blogs:

DNA Explained Blog by Roberta Estes

Blaine Bettinger Genetic Genealogist Blog

Subscription DNA Websites:

Ancestry DNA Website

Family Tree DNA Website

My Heritage DNA Website

23andMe DNA Website

Free DNA Websites:

ISOGG Website

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