Carol Stetser

Using Ancestry from Home – For Free

February 5, 2021 If this is the year you’ve decided to add documents and other source materials to your family tree, now is the perfect time to begin. Why? has extended free home access to their website through March 31, 2021 (and perhaps even longer, depending on how the pandemic situation progresses).   If […]

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When Women Lost their Citizenship

January 29, 2021 Have you ever wondered whether any of your female relatives were stripped of their U.S. citizenship. Shades of Mata Hari, you might be thinking. Of course my ancestors didn’t lose their citizenship; they weren’t spies or seditionists. My family came to America in the 1600s. All of them were birthright citizens. In […]

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A Tip to Help Find More Newspaper Articles

January 22, 2021 Last week I wrote about using newspapers to verify family stories such as my family’s lightning strike story. In addition to proving that a family story really happened, sometimes newspapers can also help us find out about long forgotten events that no one now alive even knows happened. With the widespread digitization […]

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