Carol Stetser

Exploring our Ancestors’ Occupations

May 14, 2021 When they’re thinking about the work their ancestors did, most American genealogists tend to assume that their ancestors were farmers. After all, the abundance of free, or low cost, land was one of the major pulls of immigration to America. It is true that many of our ancestors before the 20th century […]

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The Difference between a Certificate of Naturalization and a Certificate of Citizenship

May 7, 2021 Until a few days ago, I hadn’t even realized that there was such a thing as a Certificate of Citizenship. Since many of my ancestors were relatively late immigrants to the United States, I have long known what a Certificate of Naturalization is. They were and still are issued to a naturalized […]

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Reclaim the Records

April 30, 2021 If you haven’t been to the Reclaim the Records website ( , it’s worth a visit. Reclaim the Records is an activist group who are working to make sure that genealogists, historians and other researchers have access to public records. If you have done much research, you are probably familiar with the […]

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