English Probates

Plenty of Probates

October 22, 2021 This week I’m up to my eyebrows in probates. As I described a few weeks ago, I watched a webinar by Paul Milner called “Tracing Your 20th Century English Ancestors” on Legacy Family Tree Webinars ( ). The webinar discussed, among other things, how to order English probates.   Right now the […]

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Paul Milner’s “Tracing Your 20th Century English Ancestors” Webinar

September 24, 2021 Every once in a while, I see a presentation that is so interesting and informative that I feel like sharing it with others. A week or so ago, I saw Paul Milner’s Webinar on “Tracing Your 20th Century English Ancestors,” and it was one of those “must share” programs.   Paul is […]

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