Feb 18, 2022

Thaís Pacholek: Guest Speaker from Brazil Among the Keynote Speakers at RootsTech 2022

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Thaís Pacholek has a degree in performing arts and journalism. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, she first went on stage when she was 9 years old. When she turned 18, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s film capital. Thaís’s acting talent was widely recognized a few years later, when she accepted her first of many telenovela (soap opera) roles at age 23. In a country generally recognized as a pioneer in the genre, participating in telenovelas in Brazil was a rare achievement. Now the Brazilian public can see her in Record TV’s new super production, Reis.

We are pleased to welcome Thaís Pacholek as a guest speaker from Brazil among the keynote speakers at RootsTech 2022! Join us on 3–5 March where Thaís will share her story of family connection.

The Role of Family in Thaís Pacholek’s Success

Thaís Pacholek is not a one-dimensional talent. She was elected Miss Curitiba in 2005 and has starred in 15 live theater productions, 3 films, and 5 television shows in addition to the 8 telenovelas in which she played a prominent role. She recognizes that much of the reason for her professional success is due to her family. “My family made me feel secure that this was the path I should take,” she said. “Without them, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to venture to Rio de Janeiro. My family—my family is my foundation; they were there for me. They guided me emotionally, as they still do to this day.”

In contrast to her acting roles, Thaís says her family is a “very true family” and that all her relationships are “always very true.” Although her family did not have many resources, she describes her childhood as a beautiful journey where the things she most appreciated were the moments they had together. “These are very good memories that I carry in my heart—the struggle of a family to succeed in life and never give up. And when the whole family is together, the result is always prosperity,” she said.

She found similar traits in her husband, country music star Bruno Belucci Pereira, who performs as part of the famous duo under the stage name Belutti. Together, Bruno and Thaís have a son, Luis Miguel, who Thaís describes as her “soulmate.” Her son is also the inspiration for her passion as an advocate for respectful childhood education. She said, “I think change in the world comes through children because they are what all of us adults should be.”

Thaís also values her family history, saying: “I really believe that we are what we are today because of all those stories that exist in our family tree, which we all belong to. So, I believe that the strong woman that I am, the positive woman that I am, the optimistic woman that I am, the hardworking woman that I am—it’s all because of all these [family] stories.”

Thaís Pacholek at RootsTech 2022

Learn more about Thaís Pacholek’s story of family connection at RootsTech 2022 on 3–5 March. RootsTech is the world’s largest genealogy and family history conference, which will be held online this year for free. You can participate by registering today at

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