Jun 1, 2023

The Best Ways to Scan a Document Using Your Phone or Tablet

NOTE: This article is not about any of the “normal” topics of this newsletter: genealogy, history, current affairs, DNA, and related topics. However, over the years I have been intrigued by the number of photocopies made by genealogists. So here is an article that is closely related to genealogy.

“Scanners had their moment, but nowadays it’s not as necessary to own one. However, that doesn’t mean you never need to scan a document or photo. Thankfully, you probably have some tools to do it without a scanner.

“If you find yourself scanning a lot of documents and photos, it’s a good idea to invest in an actual scanner. Most people only need to scan a few things a year, so we’ll show you some good alternatives.”

The remainder of this article by Joe Fedewa and Chris Hoffman describes in great detail how to use your present smartphone (cell phone) to function as a scanner. It works! I have used my cell phone dozens of times to make digital images of old printed and handwritten records, pages from books, and even old paintings hanging on a wall.

You can find the full article in the How To Geek web site at: