Jun 1, 2021

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon 75th Year Marks Digital Milestones

The following announcement was written by the Genealogical Forum of Oregon:

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon has hit major milestones during its 75th anniversary year. The GFO now has:

Uploaded a quarter million digital pages and made them available to members in the

GFO website’s MemberSpace

Provided 503 lookups for members during the pandemic library closure

Hosted 253 online classes and meetings

The GFO has added 258,211 digital pages to its online library since December 24, 2020.

Thousands more are uploaded every week. Volunteers scan documents, use software to make printed text word searchable, name and organize the files, and upload them to the website. These include Oregon birth, death, and marriage records; genealogical journals; manuscript  collections; and dozens of eBooks that provide cemetery records, pioneer registers, vital records indexes, and

much, much more.

The public can get a glimpse of what is available here:

These resources will remain available to members in the GFO’s MemberSpace, even after the library reopens for research in a few weeks. Lookups for members who cannot visit the library will continue as well. All special interest groups, seminars, workshops and board meetings will continue to be held online.

The world is digital and the GFO has embraced this new reality.