Oct 24, 2022

The Latest EOGN Newsletter Is Now Available

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(+) You Can Build Your Own Safe and Secure Cloud-based File Storage Service

Using the FREE (and Paid) Proton VPN

Ukraine Accuses Russian Troops of Looting Museums, Destroying Cultural Sites

MyHeritage Publishes 30 New Historical Record Collections and 31 Million Records in September 2022

Connect with Your Ancestors This Halloween with Free Death Records from MyHeritage

23andMe Adds Ancestry Composition Detail for People of Ashkenazi Ancestry

8th Aeolian Genealogy Seminar

22 Southern California Newspapers Will Be Preserved, Digitized, And Available To The Public

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM) Receives Funding for Project Aimed at Digitally Preserving Civil War Graffiti Houses

Romania’s Ornate and Sometimes Crumbling Synagogues Get New Access via Online Virtual Tours

Making Black America: Through the Grapevine

Practical Saturday at the Really Useful Family History Show

Findmypast Expands Their Caribbean Collection This Week

Discover Your Ancestors in Historical Newspapers

Lost Something? Search Through 91.7 Million Files From the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s With Discmaster

Join CZUR Group For Secret Perk Spots for the New Scanner

Adobe Demos a Prototype Tool That Can Uncrop Photos Using AI to Recreate What’s Missing

New AI Tool Colorizes Black-And-White Photos Automatically

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