Dec 19, 2022

The Latest EOGN Newsletter Is Now Available

Here is a list of all of this week’s articles, all of them available here at

(+) How To Store Data in the Cloud

‘Tis a Giving Time of Year

How to Kickstart Your Own Alternative With Webtrees

MyHeritage Adds new AI Time Machine™ Avatars

MyHeritage Publishes 23 Collections and 14 Million Historical Records in October 2022

Teenager’s Incurable Cancer Cleared With Revolutionary DNA-Editing Technique

New Collection Features Over 50 Years of Digitized African-American Funeral Programs From Evans County, Georgia, and Are Now Available Freely Online

Old Vail (Colorado) Trail Editions Are Now Digitized Through July 1992

Historic Chicano Student Newspaper Made Available Online

Introducing Mems Dead

Jamaican RGD Adds Genealogical Research Tool to List of Products, Services

500 Years of Hampshire (England) Heritage Now Free to View on

Two Seventeenth Century Atlases Digitised and Online in England

550-Year-Old Clue to Life of Vlad the Impaler Emerges

2023 Richard S. Lackey Memorial Scholarship Application

Findmypast Adds Surrey and US Records

Recently Added and Updated Collections on

Fogler Library Creates Subject Guide on Inventor of Earmuffs

This Year, I Fell Back in Love With My Google Pixelbook and Chrome OS

Backblaze Expects Hard Disk Drive Storage Costs to Hit One Cent per Gigabyte by 2025

Whatever Happened to Margo Georgiadis?

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