Feb 6, 2023

The Latest EOGN Newsletter Is Now Available

Here is a list of all of this week’s articles, all of them available here at

(+) Does It Still Make Sense to Buy CDs?

Don’t Store Books or Documents in Sealed Plastic!

The World’s Largest Family Tree?

Finding Your People: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Documenting Black Families in Special Collections and Archives

The Alliance Heritage Center to Preserve Jewish Farming History Receives Grant

Target Dossiers Pertaining to the British Isles, 1938-1945 Now Fully Digitized

German Genealogy 2023 International Conference

New Talks for this month’s The Family History Show Online

Three Alexander the Great Manuscripts Newly Digitised

Fun Game Makes You Guess What Year a Photo Was Taken

Findmypast Adds Northumberland Records

This Smart New Search Site Is Like a Mashup of Google and ChatGPT

‘De-Extinction’ Company Will Try to Bring Back the Dodo

Queen Camilla Replies to Collector Who Found Her Ancestor’s Photo

The History of Groundhog Day

Skiff – Private, Decentralized, Encrypted Emails, Notes, and Drive

Microsoft 365 Integration Is Coming to Chromebooks

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