Jul 10, 2023

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(+) What is the Cloud and Why Should I Care? – Part 1

The Best Way to Store Data for Decades or Centuries

What Is Data Backup? 5 Ways to Back Up Your Files

After 28 Years of Searching, I Solved a Lifelong Mystery and Found My Brother With MyHeritage DNA

Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends Discovers He’s Related to the First 3 Presidents of the United States

Microfilm Request Change at FamilySearch

Unshackle Your Family History With

Technique Turns Maps of Lost Neighborhoods Into Possible VR Landscapes Class Action Claims Website Shows Identifying Info During Advertising Memberships

History Fellow Mines Immigration Records for Forthcoming Book Chapter

Who Do You Think You Are? is Not Scheduled for This Season in the U.S.

Free Online Resource Helps Australian Aboriginal Families Trace Links With WA Orphanages and Missions

2023 International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

We Visit Colleen Shogan, the First Woman Appointed U.S. Archivist

July 2023 Virtual Genealogical Program “Using Revolutionary War Records”

A New Medium for Communicating With the Dead: AI and Chatbots

An Invitation from the Library of Congress: Celebrate America’s 250th Anniversary

Leonardo Da Vinci: Inside a Genius Mind