Aug 21, 2023

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(+) Turn Your Phone or Tablet into a Scanner for Many Purposes

How to Become a Family History Detective

Announcing a Better Way to Find Your Civil War Ancestor!

Introducing PhotoDater™ from MyHeritage, an Exclusive, Free New Feature to Estimate When Old Photos Were Taken

Thanks to Reclaim the Records: Introducing! It’s a FREE searchable database of 576,638 births, 2,180,700 marriages, 2,086 civil unions, and 2,772,116 deaths from the state of Connecticut

17th-Century Records of Those Who Settled in Ulster Now Available Online

Enterprise Genealogy: Using Google Books

Yad Vashem Using AI to Restore Memory of Holocaust

Police are Getting DNA Data from People Who Think They Opted Out

Webtember 2023: Free Online Genealogy Conference All September Long

The Census Tree

30 Million People Today Are Descendants of Passengers on the Mayflower

World War Two Aerial Photos of England Opened to Public for First Time

New Local History and Genealogy Research Center Planned for Brown County, Wisconsin Central Library

Findmypast Adds 500 Years of Herefordshire History

Adopted Siblings Find Out They Are Related

Eight Things To Consider When It Comes To The Privacy Of Messenging Applications