Apr 7, 2022

The Past, Present, and Future of Genetic Counseling with Emily Fassi

Here is a field that I am not very familiar with: genetic counseling. An article by Simon Barnett and published in the web site just taught me a great deal. It contains an (audio) podcast that sheds light on genetic counseling.

The podcast discusses:

Levels of detail that genetic counselors are able to provide their patients with, in comparison to physicians.

Emily’s experience working in the pediatric and rare disease counseling realm, and how this contrasts to the oncology genetic counseling realm she is now working in.

The process of deciding which genetics tests to do on a patient.

Germline versus somatic mutations, and the increasing frequency of paired testing.

Limitations of the guidelines around who should have genetic testing.

Comparing polygenic and monogenic testing, and why Emily is excited about the former.

Changes that Emily hopes to see take place in the genetic counseling field in the future.

Some of the factors that lead to preventable cancers not being picked up early enough.

You can find the article (and the podcast) at: