Dec 27, 2022

The Year in Genetics

The 23andMe Blog has an interesting article that neatly sums up the DNA developments of the past year. The introduction to the article states:

“The past year in genetics has held no shortage of surprises. Fossilized bone fragments helped to rewrite parts of the Neanderthal story, including how some bands migrated and lived. A team of researchers in Spain learned that doppelgangers have more in common than meets the eye. The phrase “superdodger” officially entered the COVID-19 lexicon. And new analysis confirmed what anyone who’s ever hit a dance floor already knows–the ability to move in time to a beat is partly genetic.

“From big discoveries that moved the field forward to work that improved upon existing findings, here are some of the year’s milestones.”

As I read through the remainder of the article, I learned about several new developments that I was unaware of previously. You might do the same at:

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