Aug 28, 2023

There Will Be No EOGN News Today, Maybe Not for Several Days, Due to Dick Eastman’s Injury

I had a small accident over the weekend and it looks like it will require several days to recuperate. In the meantime, posting new articles online (such as this one) seems to require a Herculean effort. So please excuse me if I crawl off to a quiet corner and heal.

Last Friday, after a long, long road trip. I arrived at the home of one of my passengers. When I went to get out of the automobile, I either tripped or slipped or stumbled (I don’t know which) and then fell to the driveway pavement, hitting my head on the pavement in the process. 

It hurt. Big time. I saw stars and lightning and lots of other flashing lights. I stumbled back to my feet and tried to carry on as normal. But things weren’t normal.

For the sake of brevity, I won’t list everything that happened after that. But the short trip to my home was difficult. When I got home, I fell to the ground several times while walking from the garage to my bedroom. Dizziness was the primary culprit, aided by double vision, and various other impediments. 

It is now 48 hours later and I have improved significantly, but not completely. My vision is still somewhat blurred and even typing this brief message is arduous. I think I need a few more days to recuperate. So I’m going remain in a quiet corner and let things heal.

Unfortunately, I run this web site as a one-person operation. There is nobody waiting in a backup role to step in when I am out of commission.

I’ll be back…