Feb 21, 2022

They Were Switched at Birth—and Didn’t Find Out for 50 Years

Like any new mother, Kathryn Jones thought the baby she was handed at Duncan Physicians and Surgeons Hospital on May 18, 1964, was the most beautiful child she had ever seen. “I loved her from that second that they laid her in my arms,” she said in a recent interview, pausing before adding: “Never once did I think she was not mine.”

But according to a lawsuit filed in Stephens County District Court in Oklahoma, the infant Jones cradled and took home was not her biological daughter at all. Citing multiple home DNA tests, Jones alleges that employees at the hospital handed her the wrong baby more than 50 years ago, leading her to raise a child who was not her own.

Now, she and her daughter are struggling to pick up the pieces.

You can read the rest of the story in an article by Emily Shugerman published in The Daily Beast web site at:

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