Jan 31, 2023

This Smart New Search Site Is Like a Mashup of Google and ChatGPT

Want to try something new? Something that is at the bleeding edge of technology? Read on…

A sleek tool called Andi combines the convenience of a chatbot with the credibility of a standard search setup—and it might just be the answer we need.


When you first pull up the Andi website, you’re greeted by a friendly looking prompt to enter any question or query you want. Kind of like a chat session so far—right?

Where Andi takes a twist, though, is in what comes next, when the service combines that contemporary-chat approach with a more conventional-search interface. Yes, Andi always gives you a conversational answer to your question—even providing a clear citation of where the info came from, which is something ChatGPT notably does not do (and something Google’s sister company DeepMind is reportedly working to perfect prior to launching its own chatbot service).

But Andi also shows you a separate panel with a scrolling series of more standard web results—right alongside the chat window on desktop or accessible via a “Full search results” link on mobile—in case you want to dig deeper. You can even click over to news or image results to refine the search further, just like you might with Google or any other typical search website.

“It’s using the power of [AI interaction] but with factual grounding to make sure we’re giving you really high-quality and accurate-generated answers,” says Hoover.

This week, Andi is in the midst of rolling out an update that adds in even more AI capabilities beyond just search. The service can now perform tasks like summarizing a long article for you, writing an email on your behalf, or giving you ideas for a LinkedIn post on a specific subject—all through that same chat-like setup.

You can read more about Andi at: while the Andi web site is available today at:

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