Jun 22, 2022

TikToker Helps Caribbean Americans Looking to Trace Their Ancestry

Are you looking for Black ancestors from the Caribbean? If so, an article by Katie Mather and published in the Yahoo Sports web site may provide some guidance.

“Many of these cultures didn’t have paper records — preferring instead to use oral history — and many people of color who came from African and Caribbean countries were enslaved and not included in usual historical records.

“That’s why TikTok user Jel’s (@parttimebooknerd) account is so worth following.

“Jel is not a professional genealogist, and actually holds a full-time job working as a nurse, but she was still curious about her family history. After about a year of looking into her Caribbean ancestry, Jel realized how complicated the process was. So she decided to start posting about her findings and her recommendations on TikTok for other Caribbean Americans looking to learn about their roots.

“But it’s not just a labor-intensive process. Jel notes in one of her first videos that there’s an emotional element to reading so much about colonization and enslavement that Caribbean Americans should be prepared for before diving in.”

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