Feb 10, 2015

Top Free Online Marriage Indexes & BMD Databases

(About Genealogy by Kimberly Powell February 10-2015)
Discover your ancestors in these free online marriage databases and indexes. Some even offer digitized copies of the original marriage records for online viewing.

This free index links to numerous online marriage databases and indexes from across the Web, for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Plus, the site maintains many smaller marriage database transcriptions contributed by volunteers. Links to marriage records on pay or subscription sites are also included in this directory, but are clearly marked. Visit GenWed Website

2. Free English BMD
The majority of the marriage entries from the Civil Registration Index for England and Wales have been transcribed and put online by a diligent group of volunteers. Almost all years are completed, rom 1837-1929, with the majority of the marriage entries not yet transcribed from the 1910-1929 period. Marriage index entries prior to 1912 to not give the surname of the spouse. For these marriage entries, click on the page number to see the names of the other’s listed on the same page. Depending on the year, there will be names of up to 4 to 8 people who could be the spouse of he person you are interested in. Visit Free English BMD Website

3. FamilySearch Database
FamnilySearch is a free database hosted by the Family History Librtary in Salt Lake City. It is the world’s largest genealogy library and has an extensive BMD record collection across the world. Visit their website at FamilySearch Website

4. Visit Fee Based Internet Databases
There are many fee based Internet genelaogy datyabases. These are the most popular database services with additional record collections in other categories.