Jul 11, 2022

Travel Back in Time With Google Street View and Map Archives

The tools and technology used to map our world are improving all the time, and we take it for granted that we can see any part of the globe in great detail through our phone or laptop screen.

You may be used to checking out addresses and locations via Google Street View, but did you know that you can use it to go back in time? Obviously you’re limited by the dates that Google actually has Street View imagery for, but this now goes back decades in some areas. What’s more, you can now access historical photos on both the web and Google Maps mobile apps.

To find them on Google Maps on the web, drag the peg man from the bottom right corner of the map interface to any location on the map (the roads that have Street View pictures will be highlighted in blue as you drag). When you drop the peg man, you’ll be shown the latest street-level imagery for that location.

You can