Feb 16, 2022

Turn Old Macs, PCs Into Chromebooks

NOTE: This article is off-topic. That is, it does not concern anything to do with genealogy, DNA, or related topics normally found in this newsletter. However, I suspect that many newsletter readers will be interested in this article for many different purposes:

I have written often about the numerous advantages of Chromebooks. I own two Chromebooks and love ’em both. One Chromebook has become my primary traveling computer, even though I already own an expensive and much more powerful Macintosh laptop. In short, I prefer to risk the low-cost laptop when exposing it to travel damage and theft. Besides, the Chromebook does everything I need to accomplish when traveling.

Now Google has announced a future product that will convert older, lower-powered Windows and Macintosh computers into Chromebooks. If you have an older computer in the closet that you are not using any more, this might be a great zero-cost project for you to use, either for yourself or for a family member (either an adolescent or adult) who does not yet have their own computer.

Google today announced early access to Chrome OS Flex, which makes the Chrome OS operating system found on Chromebooks downloadable onto a Mac or Windows PC.

Chrome OS Flex allows individuals, schools, or businesses to download Chrome OS onto a USB drive for free and install it onto their Mac or Windows PC. The OS could also be booted from a USB drive instead of installed or launched via network deployment by an IT department.

Google is positioning Chrome OS Flex as an answer to old Mac and Windows PCs that might not be able to handle the latest version of their native OS and/or that might not be owned by folks with budgets to replace the devices. Rather than buying new hardware, consumers or IT departments could install the latest version of Chrome OS Flex.

Google’s Chrome OS Flex is currently available as early access in the dev channel with bugs expected. You can read more at: