Jun 5, 2023

U.S. Census Bureau Delays Release of Some of Census’ Most Detailed Data Until 2024

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that it would delay the release, and narrow the scope, of some of the most detailed data from the 2020 census — until next year.

Detailed numbers dealing with household types — such as if the household is a family — broken down by race and ethnicity, and whether homes are owned or rented, won’t be released until September 2024, more than four years after the data’s collection in the once-a-decade head countof every U.S. resident, the Census Bureau said.

Also being delayed until September 2024 is the release of numbers on household and family sizes. This data set will also be much more limited than anticipated. It will only be released for the entire United States and individual U.S. states because a controversial new privacy methodimplemented by the Census Bureau couldn’t guarantee individuals wouldn’t be identified at smaller geographies.