Aug 30, 2022

U.S. Government Asks Public for Input on Census Design for 2030

Talk about advance planning: “Early planning for the 2030 Census program began in Fiscal Year 2019.”

Here is an article describing the planning process, written by Edward Graham and published on the web site:

The U.S. Census Bureau is asking the public for suggestions to help guide the planning and design of the 2030 census, with an eye toward soliciting recommendations on how to use new technologies, data sources and other tools to encourage more people to respond to the next census.

The request, published in a Federal Register notice on Aug. 17, comes as the Bureau continues to work on the early stages of its design selection phase for the next decennial census. The public feedback will help guide the initial operational design of the 2030 census, which the Census Bureau said it plans to decide in 2024. 

“For the first time, the public can formally give input on planning and designing the next census,” a spokesperson for the Census Bureau said.

The notice cites a variety of factors that could affect participation in the 2030 census, including constrained fiscal environments, rapidly changing uses of technology, distrust in government, declining response rates, increasingly diverse populations and a growing mobile population that makes it difficult to locate individuals. The Census Bureau said in its request for comment that public feedback could help address these challenges and encourage more participation in the next count of U.S. residents. 

You can read a lot more at:

The actual request for suggestions to help guide the planning and design of the 2030 census may be found at:

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