Feb 22, 2023

University of New Hampshire Library Digitizes Town Reports for Entire Granite State

Multi-year project includes every city and town in New Hampshire.

The UNH Library recently wrapped up a massive multi-year project that digitized and organized all known annual reports for every town in New Hampshire, an undertaking that essentially reached every municipality, past and present, throughout the state.

The New Hampshire City and Town Annual Reports Collection now boasts 35,491 volumes, including more than 20,000 added during the most recent blitz that began in 2021 thanks in part to a grant from the New Hampshire State Library.

When that portion of the project began, 20 of the 234 New Hampshire cities and towns were not represented in the digital collection. All 20 of those towns were added during the recent push, as was content from an additional eight village precincts and two extinct towns.

Given the reach throughout the entire state the project aligns perfectly with Embrace New Hampshire, one of four strategic priorities UNH President Jim Dean outlined for the university in January of 2019.

“We have touched every town in the state, including some towns that don’t even exist anymore, and that is going to have some really lasting impacts on our reputation as an institution that reaches out to New Hampshire,” Eleta Exline, scholarly communication librarian and the principal investigator on the project, says.

You can read more in an article by Keith Testa published in the web site.

Comment by Dick Eastman: I want to read the 1976 to 1980 annual reports for Lebanon, New Hampshire. That is one of the several times in lived in New Hampshire. I read those reports when I lived there but I wasn’t smart enough to save them.

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