Nov 9, 2021

Update: A Moving Experience and a Glitch

A couple of weeks ago, I published (at

This is just a quick “head’s up” notice that articles may be late or missing in this newsletter in the next couple of weeks. You see, I am moving (again).

I just purchased a new home. This is the first house I have ever owned that was specially constructed for me, according to my selection of options. It has been an exciting experience watching the construction over the past few months.

Now the work really begins. I start moving my personal belongings on Saturday, October 30. My bones are already aching from the anticipated labor.

Moving day was yesterday. I (and a moving company) moved the bulky and heavy items, such as furniture. It went well, with a few minor glitches. I did miss some days online because of lack of Internet access.

Perhaps the most ironic incident (and most frustrating) was my pre-arranged visit from a technician from a local Internet Service Provider, or ISP. You see, this is a newly-built house in a large housing project of all newly-built houses. The project is in its early stages with expectations to eventually grow into 1,000+ houses, all built in what used to be a large, open field.

The ISP’s scheduling department agreed that a technician would hook up my new home to the local fiber network at a certain date and time. The tech showed up (he was only a few hours’ late for the scheduled appointment). He walked in, introduced himself, and then disappeared back outside to do the scheduled work. He reappeared a few minutes later and announced that while my home was already pre-wired with fiber to the building, the NEIGHBORHOOD was not yet served by fiber or any other form of Internet access. It seems that nobody in the immediate neighborhood had a high-speed connection to the internet!

A few phone calls were made and the next day a work crew appeared and installed the fiber networking to the neighborhood and I soon had a connection. So all ended well except I had spent three days offline (two days were because I had disconnected my computers in the old location and then transported them to the new place).

So all’s well that ends well.. but do you know what it is like to me to go THREE DAYS without Internet connectivity? For me, that’s a lifetime!

So today’s weekly newsletter is a day late and I offer my apologies.

But I am finally “at home.” And, yes, my bones ache.

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