Aug 1, 2023

Vermont Historical Society Flood Archive

The Vermont Historical Society is collecting photos, videos and more to memorialize the flood of 2023. In addition to creating this brand new archive V.H.S. is also re-vamping their online gallery of the flood of 1927. Juls Sundberg, the metadata librarian at the Vermont Historical Society says they hope having access to both collections can connect viewers to the past, and for those uploading their experiences — provide a little bit of catharsis.

“Folks can share what they saw, know that we’re listening to them, see what other people saw and experienced, and it means that in 10-20-50-100 years, people will look at these materials the same way I’m looking at these photos and letters and newspaper clippings now, and you know, feel connected to Vermont’s history.” said Sundberg.

They believe the new online collection will be formatted like their COVID archives. You can view memorabilia from the 1927 Vermont flood, and upload your own videos and photos from the flood this year, on the Vermont historical society’s website soon. 

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