Dec 15, 2021

What the Shape of Your Foot Says about Your Ancestry

I must admit this is new to me. I have been involved in genealogy research for more than 40 years but I never heard of anyone researching their ancestry based on the shape of their foot…

According to an article by Camila Barbeito and published in The List web site:

“Today more than ever before, genetic makeup doesn’t necessarily coincide with birthplace. While most people of ancient history could trace back their ancestors to the same place they called home, few can do the same in 2021. Even if you were born in Philadelphia or San Diego, you might trace your forefathers back to Ireland, Nigeria, China, Italy, or India, even if you never knew you were connected to those places. While that’s all well and good, and definitely makes for an interesting day checking out your results (not to mention fun conversation at the dinner table), what’s anyone to do once their DNA test is over with? If you’re interested in examining your ancestry further, we present you with another alternative: the shape of your foot. Unexpected? Maybe. But the results are actually surprisingly accurate.”

The article then goes on to describe the Egyptian foot shape, Greek foot shape, Celtic foot shape, Roman foot shape, and the German foot shape.

OK, I am not sure I believe these claims but I do think it is interesting. You can read the article at:

In case anyone is interested, I seem to have Egyptian feet which strikes me as a bit strange. After 40 years of tracing my family tree, this is the first clue that I have encountered that claims I have Egyptian ancestors. Perhaps a few thousand years ago…