Aug 19, 2022

When a Drag Racer Studies Genealogy

From an article by Bobby Bennett and published in the web site:

“You know your family is badass when they name a colony after you.

“Buddy Hull is blaming it on, the DNA-based genealogy website where patrons spit in a cup, send it off and wait for weeks to learn how many famous kin-folk they have.

“That’s what the Texas-based [drag racing] Top Fuel driver Hull did, and the results have him knee-deep in tracing the family tree.

“‘No one in my family really truly knew how our family got to the U.S.,’ Hull said. ‘Four years ago, I really took it upon myself to learn. And so I did the typical, I spit in the cup and sent it into, and they got me started.’

“Sure enough, Hull realized he was a member of a family with a reasonably famous military heritage.

“‘I kept digging, digging, digging, and it actually got very addictive,’ Hull said. ‘I spent two to three hours a night looking at the thing. And to boil the fat off of it, and we triple, quadruple verified it, my family first came over here from Hull, England, and settled what is the area of Massachusetts which used to be called the Hull Colony, which I think is just so cool.'”

I think Buddy Hull’s description of the fascination with genealogy also applies to many of us. You can read more in the article at:

Comment: I don’t know who writes the headlines for that site, but maybe we can all contribute and buy that person a spell checker!

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