May 29, 2023

Wisconsin to Celebrate 175th Birthday

Wisconsin is celebrating its 175th anniversary Monday, a day that will feature modest celebrations and an official acknowledgement of the state’s “countless contributions to the fabric of the nation and the world” in agriculture, industry, art and culture.

A proclamation signed by Gov. Tony Evers honors the state’s admission to the Union May 29, 1848, while celebrating the Indigenous tribes that have occupied the land “since time immemorial.”

“Through times of adversity and prosperity, Wisconsinites are helpers by nature, often going above and beyond to serve their communities, look out for their neighbors, and exemplify the state’s shared values of kindness, empathy, respect, and compassion, earning them the ‘Midwest Nice’ reputation that is cherished by visitors and residents alike,” Evers said in the proclamation.

Little else is planned to celebrate the anniversary. Perhaps that’s what you get when you’re celebrating a demisemiseptcentennial — a fancy term for a 175th anniversary — and not a more commonly recognized birthday like a centennial or a sesquicentennial.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has launched a new website celebrating a list of Wisconsin “visionaries, changemakers and storytellers.” And the first territorial capital of Wisconsin in Belmont, where legislators gathered for 47 days in 1836.

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