Mar 11, 2021

Woman’s Search for Her Birth Parents Leads to a Story of Murder

In 2017, Kathy Gillcrist, newly retired from her job as a high school teacher, was wondering what she would do next.

She had always known she was adopted but had never felt a strong desire to learn about her birth parents. But curiosity and a need to fill her free time overcame that ambivalence.

She took a DNA test, the first step of a genealogical journey that led her to a stunning discovery: Her father was most likely William Bradford Bishop Jr., who vanished in 1976 after bludgeoning his family to death with a sledgehammer, law enforcement officials believe.

“It just was surreal,” Gillcrist, 63, said Tuesday. “It still is surreal.”

You can read the interesting story in an article by Maria Cramer published in The Berkshire (Massachusetts) Eagle at: