May 30, 2023


NOTE: This article is not about any of the “normal” topics of this newsletter: genealogy, history, current affairs, DNA, and related topics. However, it is about a new technology that may improve the lives of millions of people. Therefore, I suggest this should be publicized everywhere to make people aware of this new product.

If you have hearing impairments or someone you know has hearing impairments, ranging from a slight hearing loss to total deafness, you will be interested in a new product from

The company’s soon-to-be-released product is a set of smart glasses that display real-time captions of what other people are saying. You no longer will be left out of conversations: technology can save the day! All conversations held in front of the wearer will appear as text in the eyeglasses worn by that wearer.

The glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and feel natural. The caption display is inobtrusive, allowing the wearer to follow conversations while looking directly at the speaker and surroundings. XanderGlasses allow people who are hard of hearing (or completely deaf) to clearly understand who is speaking to them, whether at home, work, or in a noisy public venue. This helps people feel more confident and relaxed during conversations.

XanderGlasses are not yet available. However, the company has shown prototypes and has created a waiting list for people who wish to purchase the glasses as soon as they become available. You can learn more and even sign up for the waiting list at: