Feb 2, 2021

Your DNA Determines If You Are an Early Bird or Late Riser

Is this something else you inherited from your ancestors? After all, you have to find someone to blame, other than yourself! Right?

Researchers from Oxford University, the Netherlands, and the United States found that your genes partially decide whether you prefer to get up at dawn or sleep in, which they noted in their Sleep Medicine Reviews published study. In fact, they found that 46 percent of your sleep pattern is connected to your DNA.

The team took on an ambitious 36 studies that highlighted the quality and length of participants’ sleep. Test subjects included 400 sets of adult twins, selected in order to determine if rest patterns had any genetic affiliation. Their findings? They noted that 46 percent of your sleep trends are tied to genes—but 44 percent of the quality of your sleep is influenced by DNA, too.

There is a lot more to the article by Nashia Baker published in the Yahoo web site at:

For the best effect, I recommend you read the article at bedtime.